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        Piccolastic hydrocarbon resins

        ?Piccolastic? hydrocarbon resins are homopolymers of purified styrene. They are low in color and are available in softening points ranging from 5-125°C. Piccolastic? A5 hydrocarbon resin is unusual as it is a true low molecular weight liquid resin that will perform as a functional plasticizer. Piccolastic? A75 and D125 are used in hot melt adhesives, especially in polychloroprene-based solvent adhesives for light-colored leather and plastics. Since Piccolastic? hydrocarbon resins are pure styrene they generally do not impart tack at room temperature but will function as tackifiers in hot melt adhesives when molten. In styrenic block copolymers Piccolastic? resins will associate only with the end-blocks and will modify the melt properties of the polymer but will not contribute to tack properties.

        Physical Properties Comparison:

        Chemical Type:

        Aromatic pure styrene hydrocarbon resins


        Hot melt adhesives, investment castings, xerographic toners, shoe construction, epoxy extenders, plasticizers, breakaway glass


        Low initial color, wide softening point range, non-tacky until melted

        Typical Markets:

        Bookbinding, coatings, footwear and leather assembly, graphic arts, hot melt adhesives, laminating