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        Shining a light on alternative energy

        Eastman Flexvue? sputtered films serve the solar energy sector by providing conductive, reflective, and optically clear films for photovoltaic applications. Sustainable markets include solar energy, thin-film batteries, hybrid electric batteries, and smart-window applications that seek to improve energy conversion and durability.

        Flexvue products for the energy sector include:

        • Transparent conductive films—optically clear indium tin oxide (ITO) monolayer and alternative transparent conductive oxide (TCO) single or multilayer films that offer a wide range of resistivity while maintaining high visible light transmission. Special catalytic depositions can be added on request.
        • Protective films—including UV-absorbing films and weatherable hard-coated films
        • Reflective films—aluminum or silver-sputtered films that provide up to 93% solar reflectance
        Smart Window